Marbled Paper Envelope Liners

Marbled Paper Envelope Liners are available only with the purchase of a Foglio Press Collection wedding invitation suite.

An envelope liner is the perfect place to add some color, pattern or texture into your wedding invitation suite. Our marbled paper envelope liners are handmade from durable jute fibers by fair trade artisans in rural Bangladesh. Each sheet of marbled paper is unique, so every guest's envelope liner will have slight color and pattern variations - we love the personal touch this adds to the opening experience! Choose marble for a modern, romantic and unique style. 

Available in 13 colors. Because of the handmade nature of these papers, there will be variations in color and pattern between sheets. 

Envelope liners will come assembled inside your envelopes - the work is done for you.

Please note that in some cases, very dark paper colors can transfer some ink smudges to the surface of your invitations. This is more likely to happen with double-thick paper. We recommend adding tissue paper to your invitations to protect them from color transfer with dark envelope liner options.

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